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 Family Education and Support 

Strong families have always been regarded as an essential building block for a strong and healthy society.  To that end, Catholic Family & Child Service support families in a variety of ways.  From providing in home developmental assessments to bringing families together to share their challenges and successes in family life, families are often the best and most effective means of teaching and modeling success.  

Family Leadership Training

 Family Leadership Training groups are one night per week all year long for parents, teens and youth. Attendees learn how to maintain a positive family structure and how to have a positive impact and influence on school by adapting leadership lessons that work in corporate structures into their families, and neighborhoods and schools where empowerment and self-sufficiency are the name of the game. Leadership principles are irrefutably tied to success in business and high echelon work performance but are not often taught to members of low income communities. In this program, participants learn they can be positive change agents, and our motto is that change doesn’t have to happen to them, but can happen through them, planting prevention seeds that will continue to yield positive change.     

Community Cafes

Community Cafés are guided conversations based on the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework, leadership development, and parent partnership. Parent leaders host a series of 4-week groups, 3 times a year, using the World Café technique promoting social and emotional development of children; facilitating friendship and mutual support among parents; knowing how to get help and access the community resources necessary to cope and overcome adversity during family crises; being respectful and responsive to culture, valuing parent wisdom and reciprocity in systems and organizations.

Family Partnering

Family Partnering a skills-based, learning program for parents, children, and teens that combines 6+ curricula recognized as best practice, with innovative culturally sensitive Parenting with Dignity curriculum. This program runs 4 English & 4 Spanish 10-week series a year. These classes focus on issues such as appropriate communication with peers, parents, and other authority figures; friendship; self-esteem; self-efficacy; recognizing and handling emotions, such as stress and anger; positive discipline; family rules and more. Time is set aside during each session for parents and children to participate in activities which will provide both an opportunity to practice their newly learned skills with one another.

Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth ages 10-14 is an Evidenced Based family program that targets caregivers and their adolescents ages 10-14 as they enter the teen years. Caregivers learn practical skills to help their teen develop the skills they need to be sucessful during these years including how to avoid peer pressure and substance use. Youth learn effective coping strategies, refusal skills, and stress managment skills. Together, families work on increasing positive communication, ways of having fun together, and recalling strengths and uniqueness about their family. It is a seven week series that occurs one time a week for 2.5 hours. Programs typically include a family meal, which is included in the program and childcare for siblings under 9 years old.

Community Resource Outreach Team

The Community Resource Outreach Team (M.O.T.) utilizes a wrap around mobile resource model in efforts of early identification of areas of high risk to families and children. Bridging gaps with resource attainment and navigation through assessments and strength based follow up services ensuring success with families area of need. Bilingual resources are designed to assist in the early identification of developmental barriers, positive behavioral redirection and focus on bridging gaps by system’s navigation and advocacy.

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Clinical Supervisor
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Parent and Child Care Provider Support and Education
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Community Resource Outreeach Team
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