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Foster Teens to College

Catholic Family & Child Service believes that well prepared adolescents become independent, productive and contributing adults. For many young adults who are too old and have "aged out" of the Foster Care system, success in achieving independence depends upon developing loving and supportive relationships with adults. Specialized staff is there to guide them and teach them during the transition from dependence to self-sufficiency. They work with young adults to plan for school, work and finding their own place to live. 

The Foster Teens to College Program assists current and former foster youth, ages 16 to 23, in completing high school and GED programs and then pursuing, persisting in, and completing post-secondary education programs, including four year institutions, two-year institutions, vocational programs, certificate programs, and apprenticeship programs. Staff work one-on-one with youth to help them plot the path to their educational goals, including help with such tasks as applying to college, identifying sources of financial aid and scholarship funds, navigating school campuses and systems, and maintaining class schedules and grades. Peer mentors who have successfully completed a semester of higher education may also be available to work one-on-one with youth to offer guidance and support from someone who has walked in their shoes.


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