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Independent Youth Housing

Catholic Family & Child Service believes that well prepared adolescents become independent, productive and contributing adults. For many young adults who are too old and have "aged out" of the Foster Care system, success in achieving independence depends upon developing loving and supportive relationships with adults. Specialized staff is there to guide them and teach them during the transition from dependence to self-sufficiency. They work with young adults  to plan for school, work and finding their own place to live.

The Independent Youth Housing Program

(IYHP) serves former foster  youth between the ages of 18 and 23. While in IYHP, participants live in their own apartments located in their communities either alone or with a roommate. The program offers rental assistance to youth. Youth pay a portion of their rent based on their income, and IYHP pays the rest. In addition to rental assistance, IYHP offers skills training on employment, education, tenant rights, financial literacy, and other areas that will help youth maintain their own apartments as they exit the program. Youth participating in this program can earn stipends and gift cards based on their participation levels.


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