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Foster Care

Every child needs and deserves a safe and nurturing environment. Child abuse and drug use can leave children battered, physically and emotionally exploited, neglected and oftentimes at risk in their own homes. Our Foster Care program provides services to children and teens who need temporary alternative living conditions. Together with our wonderful foster parents, we provide safe, stable, loving and nurturing homes for children in need. For those interested, a foster/adopt option includes families that are willing to provide a permanent commitment through adoption or guardianship if reunification with parents is not possible.

If you care about children and want to help them feel safe and loved, we encourage you to consider becoming foster parents.
Requirements for becoming foster parents include:
·         21 years of age and older
·         Married or single
·         Able to provide a safe and healthy home
·         Stable source of income
·         Assists with adoption searches and reunions
The reward of foster parenting comes from the satisfaction of knowing that they have made a difference in a child's life.


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