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Bonding and Attachment Services

Bonding and Attachment Therapy serves families with children who are experiencing emotional and behavioral problems due to difficulty in developing appropriate attachment in parent-child relationships.
Attachment is the basis for the healthy development of children. Children who have difficulty in developing healthy attachment may demonstrate the following behaviors:
• Aggression                                                   
• Clingy, whiny, demanding of affection
• Inability to seek or accept comfort from adults
• Inappropriate body boundaries
• Too friendly with, or too frightened of, strangers
• Excessive anger when limits are set
• Difficulty interacting appropriately with peers and adults

Bonding and Attachment Therapy recreates the kinds of playful, interactive and fun activities that are essential to healthy emotional development in children. The goals of therapy are to:

• Assist parents and children in developing a positive relationship based on appropriate nurturing and limits
• Increase positive behavior in children
• Encourage development of trust
• Assist children in developing images of themselves as lovable and adults as responsible and safe, while decreasing the feelings of shame
• Teach parents how to use and generalize new skills in a playful way
• Teach the child to identify and express emotions safely while building empathy towards others
Causes of Attachment issues may include:
• A history of abuse, neglect or trauma
• Multiple caregivers or prolonged separation from primary caregiver
• Parental depression or substance abuse


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