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Valley Intervention Program

The Valley Intervention Program (VIP) is dedicated to helping parents improve the behavior of their preschool children. VIP is a behavioral program, training families in behavior management skills that allow the parents to regain control of their children's behavior. VIP serves children under 6 who:
    • Do not follow directions
    • Throw temper tantrums                                                                                   
    • Have difficulty going to bed
    • Destroy toys
    • Display overly active behavior
    • Are withdrawn
    • Act aggressively toward other children
    • In addition to behavior problems, display developmental delays


    VIP offers classroom programs that teach the social skills children need to successfully adjust to school. The program offers parents opportunities to learn and practice new skills and to share those skills with other parents. VIP also provides follow-up for parents who complete the program, to ensure the child's positive behavior continues in the home, school and community.





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Christy Arenson
Clinical Supervisor
5301 Tieton Drive, Suite C
Yakima, WA 98908-3478

Manoah Winter

640 Mission Street
Wenatchee, WA  98801